We are all headed somewhere.  Trying to make sense of why we are put on this earth and what part do we play.  I’ve searched a long time trying to figure out who I am, but then again I’m only in my 20’s so I haven’t really know myself for too long. All I know is I’m trying to figure it out.  Call me a philosopher or a hipster (same thing) but, I am on a journey.  The journey isn’t about where I’m going but, about how I got there.  Especially the roads I took that lengthened or sped up my trip.  If I can share a glimpse or insight into what boggles my mind I hope to do so.  I don’t want to carelessly through words on to a page in hoping to rial someone up but, my thought is that I am challenged daily by things that I choose not to agree with and ask questions on why I do what I do and am who I am.  That is exactly what  I intend for my writings that it challenges you as well as me.  These questions and things I write are what I go through or have come out of.  So please enjoy and I hope to cause you to find truth for what it is. -JD

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